The Halloween SCREEEEEAM of the rave scene, Spoololife and Kaotic and Mass Productions invite you to Secret Screams featuring:

The Detroit Grand Pubas

Techno / Chicago ( Intuit-Solar, Jive Electro )

Once they got settled, they combined their earnings, invested in some equipment, and became the under-city dwellers now known as the Detroit Grand Pubas.

Paul Anthony  2×4 w/ Mark Almaria

House / Chicago (Dirty Fabric, IHR, Bunchlox, Underground Construction, Faded Muzik )

Hailing from the Chicago-land area, it was easy to see how house music had an influence on Paul early in his career. Paul began perfecting his his DJ craft in 1989 as a teenager playing local clubs and house parties.  Even back then it was easy to see that Paul would emerge as a force in the Chicago music scene. Paul had become a sought after deejay, even back then, he could incite a crowd into a dance frenzy.


House / Chicago (Red Hot, G-Swing)


Drum and Bass, Indianapolis (Gain Recordings-UK, Sudden Def Records, Terra, WRZX 103.3FM, Breakbeat Coalition)

Jimmi Journey

House, Bloomington (Spoololife, KMP, Megagrooves)


House, Bloomington (Spoololife)


House, Bloomington (Spoololife, KMP, Megagrooves)

Rob Diggler


AC Adapter

Brian Ohm




Vixen Swift

Alex Zelinka v.s Mark M

Dark Star feat. Supreme


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