An electronic dance music celebration gaining momentum and targeted at the vibrant Fort Wayne Indiana featuring DJ Shortee, DJ Poogie, DJ Venom, Wilhelm K., Bryan Jones, Star Steady, 3 Stages! 27 DJs, Sonic Mega System by Log Squared + More!



DnB / Turntablism / Urban Assault / Heavy Artillery Recordings / 5 Star Records / How2DJ / Queens of the Jungle / Playboy / Tribal Gear / Rane / Serato / Shure /Cakewalk

Shortee is recognized as one of the most diverse & technically skilled female DJs in the world & her career is highlighted by an unparalleled series of firsts. Playboy’s only official 50th Anniversary tour DJ, first & only female “World Class Power Mixer” on Power 106fm (LA), first female to produce an instructional DJ DVD series, first & only female to produce a turntablist album, first female to produce a battle record, first female DJ endorsed by Shure, first & only female endorsee of Rane, first & only female DJ endorsed by Cakewalk, Shortee has been named “Queen of the Scratch World” by DJ Times, ranked the #1 Female Turntablist & Hip Hop DJ worldwide, listed in SheJay Magazine’s top 11 female DJs in the world & nominated for the categories of Best Female DJ & Best International Act in the 2008 Drum & Bass Awards (UK).

First female Fever/Buzz Battle of the DJs Champion (1997) & Urb’s Next 100 (2001), Shortee spins Drum & Bass, Breaks, Funk, Soul, Hip Hop, Rock & House worldwide & her unique contribution to the art of scratching & beat juggling for the last 13+ years earned her a spot as the only female DJ featured in Doug Pray’s critically acclaimed movie “SCRATCH” (Palm Pictures). In addition to being featured in many other documentaries, Shortee has also made numerous TV appearances & her most recent is the role of DJ for the Tyra Banks Show on Tyra’s club themed episodes & a celebrity cameo in a Sony PSP commercial.

In 1998, Shortee made her production debut on Faust’s “Man or Myth” (first turntablist album ever released also featuring Craze & Shotgun), followed by “The Fathomless EP”,w/ Faust & DJ Craze containing the first Drum & Bass tracks comprised solely of scratching. In 1999, Shortee’s full- length solo debut “The Dreamer” became the first & only turntablist album produced by a female and she has since released multiple joint albums with DJ Faust as well as singles, battle records, remixes, countless mix cds & appeared solo & jointly on numerous compilations. Her music has attracted licensing features & aired on networks worldwide.

Recently, Faust & Shortee’s song “Drumcircle” (Digital Soul) is the theme song for “MTV SPORTS UNLIMITED AXXESS” & their remix of India Irie’s “Shine” is the theme song for “THE TYRA BANKS SHOW”. Together Faust & Shortee have launched 2 labels of their own: 5 Star Records (Battle/DJ Tools) & Heavy Artillery Recordings (Drum & Bass/Breaks) and their drum & bass tune “AWAY” (Load Recordings UK) was nominated for best jungle/dnb track in the 2008 International Dance Music Awards! The duo have various 12″ D&B releases forthcoming on Restless Native Recordings including their popular remix of “Do You Believe” & highly anticipated dance floor anthem “Gotta Have It.”

A head professor at The Scratch DJ Academy co-founded by RUN DMC’s Jam Master Jay, Shortee teaches 3 courses (Mixing151, Scratching202 & Beatjuggling303) at the Los Angeles branch.�In addition, Shortee teaches DJ/Remix courses for the esteemed Grammy Foundation, DJ workshops for LA’s SAE Institute & various instructional tours for Sprite & Channel One News. She’s produced her own instructional DVD series “Shortee’s DJ 101″, “Shortee’s DJ 202″ & “Turntable Tune-Up” available worldwide. Most recently Shortee has created 17 DJ instructional videos for the Grammy Foundation entitled “Shortee’s DJ Sessions” releasing online & on DVD in 2008.

Shortee’s DJ sets are seamless whether she appears solo or part of a group & is well-known for her 4-turntable shows w/ DJ Faust as URBAN ASSAULT (Hip Hop/Funk/Drum & Bass). Shortee rocks 4 turntable shows with fellow female turntablist, Annalyze as TWICE AS NICE & she recently joined forces with Reid Speed & MC Tali to form QUEENS OF THE JUNGLE, a 4 turntable female D&B crew.

Shortee’s released 34 mix tapes & CDs since 1995 including “MASHED”(Hip Hop, Rock, 80’s, Mashup), “JUNGLE STORY ALBUM MIX” Easy Records (Drum & Bass), “FILTERED” (Electro/Breaks) & “AIRPLAY” (Hip Hop). She’s also well known for her “PLAYBOY 50th ANNIVERSARY TOUR” series & her team mixes with Faust including the “URBAN ASSAULT” series (D&B) & “HIP HOP MEGA MIX” series (Hip Hop/Breaks/Funk/Soul).This year DnB veterans Digital & Phantasy commissioned Shortee to create a complex turntablist mix for the highly anticipated “Jungle Story Album” which features her remixes & exclusive original tunes by her crew Urban Assault & is releasing on Easy/Sativa Records in May 2008.

DJ Venom

US HARD HOUSE / Volume Productions

DJ Venom, real name David R. Schifino, has been playing the rave circuit since the early 90’s, but he began his career as a part-time hip-hop radio disc jockey in 1989. In fact, it was a group of fellow DJs who coaxed him into his first techno/house event, which was so overwhelming he eventually left hip-hop behind.

Venom first purchased a pair of turntables and a mixer to lay down beats and scratches for all the aspiring MCs in his hometown of Providence. He then spent the next few years honing his skills, playing dozens of house parties and halls, mixing hip-hop, reggae, and house music. Meanwhile his addiction to vinyl worsened, causing milk crates to overflow with the likes of Boogie Down Productions, Ninjaman, and Todd Terry among others. Every dime made went towards the purchase of additional records and blank cassettes in order to produce more mix tapes.

Then in 1991, Michelangelo came to Providence. It was the first rave in the area, and its impact on Venom’s DJ career was huge. He had always loved house music, but the harder side of techno captured his attention, and instead of hip-hop, his next trip to the record store found him leaving with Jeff Mills, Praga Khan, and Prodigy.
Around the same time, Venom began working at the radio station WXIN, 88.1 on the FM dial. Despite his lack of seniority, Venom’s turntable talent earned him two radio shows: “Sounds of the Streets,” a hip-hop/reggae show and “Utopia,” a house and techno mix. He continued these shows for many years, promoting both scenes and cultures all the while gaining notoriety.

Over time, Venom focused his attention more on the rave scene, hooking up with fellow DJs Carnage and Jedi to start Force Productions. Together they began throwing illegal parties known as the Insomnia raves, as well as a club night, “Genesis.” They also started a small publication entitled Force magazine. Venom’s DJ style found a place with the hardcore breakbeat sounds of 2 Bad Mice, Acen, and SL2. In addition, he continued to play house at Club Babyhead, which became a local legend.

In 1994, Venom split from Force to start his own company, Volume Productions, quickly cementing itself in Providence’s rave history. Their own magazine soon hit the masses, and Volume was quickly recognized as the biggest promotional crew from Rhode Island.
That year also marked Venom’s first DJ competion. His set, consisting of scratching, body tricks, hip hop beats, and a blend of a brand new musical style called “jungle” earned him second place in the New England DJ Spin-off.

As both Volume Productions and Venom’s popularity continued to grow, his mix tapes, whether happy hardcore, jungle or house, were selling off the shelves. Soon his name began appearing on tons of flyers, and the whole crew began a new weekly Tuesday night called “Energy” at the Living Room, which is still going on today with Venom as the resident DJ.

The DJ Battle circuit saw Venom take home awards in three more competions. In 1997, he took first place in the New England DJ Battle and placed second in both the 1998 and 1999 Winter Music Conference DJ Competions, losing only to DMC champ, Craze.
With over 80 underground mix tapes and CDs under his belt, Venom wanted to take thing a bit further with a licensed project. The Chicago-based Underground Construction label took notice of his coast-to-coast performances and liked the hard house sound of his recent CDs. They offered Venom a deal, which lead to a chain of succesful CD releases including Straight Bangin: 1&2 and House Blends 7&8, not to mention House Blends Classics.

Venom later pushed production to the forefront. Hard house releases on various labels as well as his own RetroTech label demonstrated his diversity and ability to produce new music with the oldschool breakbeat feel that first drew him to the rave scene.
Venom continues to play drum & bass under the guise of DJ Eddie Brock and his CD, I See Dead People was praised by many. His newest CD release, Raise the Volume is due out on Warlock records new techno offshoot Surge Recordings while his own productions are scheduled to be released on Vagabond records with five monthly releases starting in October. In addtition, his side project, record label Kerubim Entertainment, is a trip into the goth/industrial world.

Wilhelm K.

Techno / House / d-version / Spoololife

His label, d-version Records, received international press and play, having a track licensed by Ministry of Sound. Releasing tracks by Frankie Bones,Carl Lekebusch, Drivetrain,and others. .. D-version records became one of the countries rising labels.

Releasing records via his label d-version and Detroits Soiree Records, Wilhelm’s midwest flavor gained attention of legendary Frankie Bones, and sparked the release of the Ex-Uses / Tribaloptics EP on d-version in May of 2000.

His infamous “Get” parties set the standard for raves in the late 90s, making him one of the midwest’s pioneers in consistent large scale massives.

Programing keen sessions of bumpin’ funkin’ house and techno, the past decade has seen Wilhelm billed along side legends Moby, RUN DMC, Sugarhill Gang, KRS-1, Bad Company, Tech Itch, Aphrodite, and King Britt to name a few… Frankie Bones, Paul Oakenfold, Bad Boy Bill, Josh Wink, Green Velvet, Donald Glaude, Mark Farina, Paul Johnson, and Christopher Lawrence to name a few more.

Bryan Jones

/ House / Ringside, Ministry of Sound, OM, Ultra, i! Records, Fetish, Spatula City, Amenti, Aroma, Moody, Black Cherry, Jackin Tracks, Guesthouse, Farris Wheel, Robsoul, Nordic Trax, Detour, Lingo, Nine, Kontrast, Olive, A Squared, Nocturnal, Dirty Fabric, Bid Muzik, Ammo, In-Stereo

Bryan Jones has been a staple in house music for years now. He has released over 150 songs on over 50 different labels around the world. Bryan’s original songs and remixes can be heard on labels such as Ministry of Sound, Ultra, OM, i! Records, Aroma, Fetish, Robsoul, Quiet City, Amenti, Nocturnal, In Stereo, Guesthouse, Spatula City, and many many more.

Over the years, Bryan’s music has been played by many of the world’s top djs including: Derrick Carter, DJ Dan, Pete Tong, Mark Farina, Felix da Housecat, Kaskade, Paul Van Dyke, Bad Boy Bill, DJ Sneak, Judge Jules, and DJ Heather amongst others. He has also remixed for many big artists like Kaskade, Todd Edwards, Kid Creme, Harrison Crump, Chuck Love, Supafly, CZR, Angel Alanis, Richard Les Crees, Damon Trueitt, and more.

Bryan currently runs Control Recordings, Ringside Recordings which both focus in Funky Jackin Chicago House. He also runs Low End Recordings which will make its first appearance in late 2007. Bryan’s debut album, the “Step Back LP”, just dropped on cd in stores around the world on NYC’s legendary i! Records. He is currently touring for the album as well. In the last year Bryan has DJ’ed in Australia, UK, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Russia, The West Indies, Canada, Mexico, and all over the United States.


Lady Bandit

Breaks / Mindboggle/Bot/Necrotek

Beth aka Lady Bandit always loved to dance and frequent the local clubs in Dayton, Ohio but knew there was something missing. Top 40 just wasn’t cuttin it anymore. She starting attending a club night in 1998 and fell in love with the underground music scene. This was the beginning of a wonderful relationship. She was hooked on the pounding sounds of house music.

It wasn’t until later on, 2002, that she discovered the passion that she is pursuing today. Taking turntables as a debt, she fell upon this opportunity, so she took it! Now 6 years later she couldn’t be happier. Beth said the only way she would ever stop djing would be if she stopped having fun or stopped progressing. You could describe her style as sexy and soulful. Beth always tried to maintain that feeling. “It’s feel good music! Music that makes you feel sexy and just…feel good!” She spends most of her time playing breakbeats but house is her first love. She has been known to play Nu Skool, whether it be dirty, funky, tech-funk or progressive breaks. It really doesn’t matter. Just as long as the basslines are deep yet dirty, while the beats are funky. She also plays electro, progressive, and tribal house. “House just makes ya dance!”

She has had the opportunity to share the stage with such artists as Paul Oakenfold, Darude, John Debo, Icey, Baby Anne, Terry Mullan, Misstress Barbara, Micro, DJ Funk, John B, Adam X, Hardware, Josh the Funky 1, Venom, D:Fuse, Bryan Zentz, Danny the Wildchild, Claude Von Stroke, Irene, Paul Birken, Woody McBride, Dara, Paul Anthony and Frankie Vega. This past year Beth played an after party for FUSE-in’s Detroit Electronic Music Festival, Memorial Day weekend. As of recently she’s holding a residency @ Dayton’s “Therapy Cafe.” Be sure to check out this up and coming dj to a city near you!

BrianScott / Techno / d-version / 02:00(60 min.)
DUG recordings’ founding father is no stranger to the Detroit music scene. For the past 13 years we’ve had the pleasure of hearing Brian’s own unique style of spinning. Brian has traveled the globe in search of good music. From Japan to Caliafornia, all the way back to Detroit, his sets never disappoint.

DJ Steady B.

Booty House / Sound Nutz
Shannon Burton, aka DJ Steady B, has made quite the respectable name for himself in the music business. Starting out as a Hip/Hop and R&B DJ, he has grown into a multi-genre DJ/Producer/Promoter. Steady B knows what it takes to make it to the top, and by securing his place as one of the Midwest’s top DJ’s, he has certainly proved this. For over 11 years, DJ Steady B has shared his music, energy and style to music lovers all over the world, including Amsterdam, Toronto, Detroit, Orlando, but most importantly home in the Midwest, USA. Steady B has kept good company performing with talented entertainers such as Mix Master Mike, Bad Boy Bill, Alex Peace, Skylab 2000, Shortee, and Paul Anthony to name a few. Steady has held residencies at the R&B Caf�, Mixerz, Olympus, Mark 3, The Mirage, Club DB, Jillians, Veno’s, Roxy’s, The Boiler Room, Club 7 and currently calls The Neon Cactus in West Lafayette home. He has gained support, acknowledgment and a large following in the Greater Lafayette community, as well, by performing at local events such as “The Taste of Tippecanoe”, the “Juneteenth Festival” and a top nominee for the “Lafayette Music Awards” over the past years. In 2000, Steady B released his first mixed tape, “Nice Guys Bang Hard.” This was his first self-produced work, but would soon be followed by “The Hardfather” and “Return of the Hardfather.” By the release of “The Hardfather,” he had competed at Club Eden’s DJ Battle in Indianapolis, IN., and displayed his skills at the Detroit Music Festival. Steady was also afforded the opportunity to perform on 96.5’s “Freak Show” in 2004. While showcasing his own talent is important, Steady has also worked hard to promote the music business as a whole. He has organized unforgettable events such as “Barnyard Breakin’,” “Familia,” and “Mix Tapes 1 & 2.” DJ Steady B’s talent is music. His passion is sharing it with others in any way he can. Be it filling the dance floor mixing tracks, using his own productions or bringing other performers together to put on an amazing event, he never disappoints. His unique and dirty style of music mixed with his eye popping stage performance has made him a favorite for years. His experience and drive will keep him around for many more.


Techno / House / Spoololife
From Miami to Detroit, the past 14 years has seen Hotsauce billed alongside EDM fixtures as DJ Shortee, DJ Venom, UFO, DJ FUNK, Paul Anthony, Terry Mullin, and Jason Tyler to name a few, Hotsauce is a premier choice for House and Techno lovers. From global festivals such as Wnter Music Conference… to underground massives like Pilgrims & Indians, Hotsauce is a well seasoned floorshaker. Droppin’ beats for over 10 years on the 1s and 2s, producing fresh choons, and assisting in event production and promotion are comonplace in his everyday life. Catch his guest appearance in Jason Tyler’s “Run Around” Music Video Feat. Sam I Am.

Star Steady

House / Electro / Lets Play House Recordings

Star Steady sets can never be recognized as ordinary, he tries to cater to each crowd’s vibe. In the past two years he has played national spots such as; Indianapolis, Chicago, Lousiville, Pittsburgh,Cincinatti, Miami and international clubs in Australia and New Zealand. Besides releasing tracks on his own label, StarSteady has done original or remix work for several labels word wide. (Direct Drive Digital, Mizumo Music, World Wide Exclusive, Music Tracx Recordings, 24 Beats, Midwest Hustle)

Although his passion is DJ’ing, it has taken a backseat in recent months due to the unexpected sudden success of the label. With over five different releases making it in the Top 10 on and two others charting in the top 50 on Beatport, 2008 looks to be a promising year for Star Steady as he continues to further pursue his production and dj’ing goals.


Scotty Static

Progressive Electro House / Dirtywax Media

For more then five years now Scotty Static has intrigued audiences and filled dance floors of the Midwest, U.S.A. with a one of a kind sound that becomes instantly addicting from the first track he drops until his last. Scotty Static is truly a master of his craft. His musical styles range from house and electro to trance, progressive and everything beyond.

James B.

/ Trance
James B can be named among one of the most versatile DJ’s in Indy. Breaks, Trance, Progressive, or Techno�you name it James B will BRING IT! James B is a seasoned veteran, which has been moving the dance floors since 2001. You will occasionally see him sharing the wheels-of-steel with Dj Defi. Also, was once part of the retired group Just 3 White Guys (3×6 multi-genre turntablism), which played at several music festivals in the Midwest. Be on the lookout in 2010 as his calendar is already filling up!

Brian.Scott( Detroit,MI (Techno ( d-version)))

Symmetric( FtWayne, IN( Techno (NoiseBoyz)))

Matt.Porter( Indianapolis, IN ( Electro House (LetsPlayHouse)))

Dj.Descend( Chicago, IL(Breaks, Electro( RapidEye, DirtyWax)))

Epitaph( FtWayne, IN ( Jungle( RegimeRecordings)))

Kid.Lemon.Fresh( Chicago, IL(HHC, UkHardcore( RapidEye)))

Nealy.Worms( Chicago, IL(LivePa ( RapidEye)))

Synapse( Indianapolis, IN( DnB))

Headrush(Cincinnati, OH( PsyTrance( Mindboggle)))

Big.E( Cincinnati, OH( PsyTrance( eProductions)))

Mark.Tester( Indianapolis, IN( House (Side-Track)))

B.Nasty( Cincinnati, OH (Speed Garage (Sloppy Cincy)))

James.B( Indianapolis, IN (Trance ( SoundNutz)))

Jackola( Indianapolis, IN (House ( Side-Track)))

DJ.Plex( Evansville, IN (ElectroHouse))

50,000 WATS of digital dancefloor fidelity requires structural integrity inspections of the venues it serves… as it shakes fixtures from ceilings, and windows from walls. Log Squared sound systems have been rockin’ dancefloors for years, but recently… we’ve noticed a whole new sound system. Designed, engineered, and constructed by Log Squared, the new “2nd GENERATION” subwoofer enclosures raise the bar in powerful high fidelity bass reproduction.

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