Experience the magic that has made pni a fixture in the Central USA Electronic Dance Music scene since 2004! Live in “Real Time”, stay tuned for breaking event news and updates. Presales now available!

Surfing a rift in time, beyond a vector sunrise, a small spherical craft emerges… approaching light speed. The change that we create. Is the difference that we make. It,s the purpose that we choose, as our change inspires the groove. It’s a feeling in your heart never stops once it starts. Silent voice cast from the stars.. whispers who and where we are. So to guide us on our trip. In we tune the mother ship. In the groove of change we twirl, roundabout A changing world. It’s the change that renders life, so essential to survive. Not the same ole song and dance, change a choice N2 a chance.



DJMindizzy / Electro / Louisville House Music / 21:30(90 min.)

TheLostBoy / Electro house / Janky / 21:30(90 min.)

DeFlipo / Techno / na / 23:00(90 min.)
Nick DiFilippo, also known as ‘deflipo’, is a veteran DJ of the Indiana EDM scene, Fort Wayne in particular.. At the wheels since age 15 and serving as a guitarist in a basement industrial band, he developed a fondness for the dark and gritty sounds heard in �industrial� music and fell in love with the hardcore/hard techno sound that was rampant in the thriving ‘rave’ culture of the time. As the years have passed, his sound has matured a bit to a smoother, funkier blend of techno that has become a staple of local events such as ‘Second Saturday’, the longest running EDM monthly in Fort Wayne’s history featuring guests such as: Steve Stoll and Bryan Jones, with new guests featured every month.

BrianScott / Techno / d-version / 00:30(90 min.)
DUG recordings’ founding father is no stranger to the Detroit music scene. For the past 13 years we’ve had the pleasure of hearing Brian’s own unique style of spinning. Brian has traveled the globe in search of good music. From Japan to Caliafornia, all the way back to Detroit, his sets never disappoint.

DJForty5 / House / Janky Inc. / 02:00(60 min.)


DJEmce / Nuskool Ragga Breaks / Stargazer / Lunatik Productions / 20:00(90 min.)
Claycon & Emce have been playing shows in the Midwest for 1 & 2 years respectively. Claycon focusus on the slightly subdued sounds of distinctive & progressive breaks from old skool to New while Emce’s overall sound is more energetic with Nuskool & Drum&Breaks influences. Both have developed a deep love & appreciation for Ragga influenced BreakBeats. They quickly found this to be not only a common cord but an excellent format for blasting a dance floor with good vibrations.

Dj Claycon / Dubstep / Crowd Control / 20:00(90 min.)
performing solo & with tag partner DJ Emce (aka Da Riddim Warriors) all around the midwest since 2008. Local to the Lousiville Metro area. I’ve been into dark, technical breaks for while. Transitioning into dubstep was a natural fit. Emphasis on fast technical mixing & vinyl. mixes @ www.chronicmusic.blogspot.com

ScottyStatic / Progressive Electro House / Dirtywax Media / 21:30(90 min.)
For more then five years now Scotty Static has intrigued audiences and filled dance floors of the Midwest, U.S.A. with a one of a kind sound that becomes instantly addicting from the first track he drops until his last. Scotty Static is truly a master of his craft. His musical styles range from house and electro to trance, progressive and everything beyond.

BeatPoet / House and Breaks / GSP Entertainment / 23:00(90 min.)
Beat Poet first got behind the decks in late 2002, performing at her first event in October 2003. She has become a fixture in the Southern and Central Ohio scenes and has released three mixed CDs. She aims to get butts shaking with her blend of Funky House and Breaks with touches of Electro.

dingo8 / House Music / 12 Step Entertainment / 23:00(90 min.)
Dingo8 produces swing house, and spins all varieties including gospel, disco, and deep house.

AdamS / Breakbeats / Give Us A Break! / 00:30(90 min.)

StuartAllen / Breakbeats / give us a break! / 00:30(90 min.)
give us a break! was founded in 2003 by stuart allen and chad swords. based out of dayton ohio, give us a break! focuses on events and diy music distribution. djs/producers that have been on the roster include: filthy rich, cyberspeed, stuart allen, adam s, godfrey, beatnik bob, adam s, ryan mack, lady bandit, dj cleveland, cory krush, goodvibez, and elton mack.

SirDamien / ElectroCore / Source Productions / 02:00(70 min.)
Damien first became a dj in 1990 and became one of the youngest djs in the underground scene. At 12 years old he became a part of the Chicago underground revolution. Damien started Source Production in 1994, working along side one of house originators Steve Poindexter. They began throwing once a month warehouse events, bringing in artists of the likes of Crystal Method, Vinylgroover, Commander Tom, Farley Jack Master Funk, Shy FX, SS, The Acid Junkies, Ms Kitten and Felix Da House Cat. Damien scored his first over seas booking started in 1996 when he was only 18 yrs old. Judgment Day in Newcastle England started his international performances. From there he went to Scotland, Belgium, Brussels, UK and returned to Chicago with a new vision of what Chicagounderground could become. He started the Wonderland series in 1996 and continued until 2001. He duplicated some of the biggest European events, bringing djs and artists from all over the globe. In 2003 Damien, along with Notorious Nino started Digital Umbrella Records, with a genre of house, techno, trance, electro and drum and bass. In 2004 Damien returned to DJing by playing at the Movement Festival in Detroit with an attendance of 1 .2 million people and returning to his roots and playing in the Midwest underground scene and then playing at The Winter Music Conference. Keep a look out for his upcoming CD releases.

NotoriousNi�o / UK Hardhouse / Source Productions / 02:00(70 min.)
Notorious Ni�o is a D.J. that has stood the test of time due to his sets of music that cross genres and generations. Mixing the genre’s of Acid, Breakbeat, Techno, Hard & classic house tracks mixed at a range from 32 beat quick mixing up to 5+ min long blends, he tries to create a feeling of continuity between himself & his listeners.Growing up on the Southside of Chicago just down the road from the birthplace of house music Trax Records, he witnessed first hand the growth of house and Chicagos music communities in general for the past 20years. Touching his first deck at 11yrs old he was on his first flyer by the age of 14 and before turning 15yrs had already thrown his first event. Since then as a D.J. his name has been on over 600 billings and numerous publications with some of the top talent in music industry Paul Oakenfold Perfecto tour, Farley Jackmaster Funk, Acid Junkies, Moby, Shy FX, Commander Tom, Bad Boy Bill, Felix the Housecat, Front242, Harrison Crump, Frankie Bones, Gene Farris, Paul Johnson to name a few. He was later bought onto Trax records but due to conflicting circumstances did not stay with the label for long. In the studio he has been at work completing his first EP of hard acid house music 303 on LSD.Event promotion started off for him as basement parties & then raves, later the focus shifted to clubs and concerts. The last concert thrown by Ninos production company Digital Arts Network was Front242 compact tour in 2002, although some small club events were still produced until 2003. Notorious Nino is a significant part of the history of Chicagos underground scene not only because of his events, but his contributions to the events and publications of others.In 2004 he took his production company Digital Arts Network and teamed up with Dennis Escobar (Damien) of Source Prod/Umbrella Corp to form Digital Umbrella Muzik. Since then they have released Various DJ mixes and compilations and are currently gearing up for the 1st of several mixed CDs and vinyl releases that will be distributed nationwide.In 2006 he and Damien returned to the Chicago rave scene to revive the now flourishing underground community. By 2008 he was already working hard on bridging the gap in the DJ community between cities worldwide by cross promotion with worldwide promoters and DJ Swaps. Anyone interested should contact him immediately.

DjJohnDoe? / Filtered House/Techno / Infrared Productions / 03:00(90 min.)
To much to say, started going to shows in the scene at 16, never left sine then… my life is one big rave that wont end.

Rockin’Roland / Filtered House/Techno/Hard Techno / Infrared Productions/Source Productions / 03:10(75 min.)
I’m from Chicago, I started going to shows with my older brother in the 90’s, I asked him where he disappears to during the weekend, then one day… he showed me. My life hasn’t been the same since.

DerekBrandon / Electro/House / asylum / 04:30(90 min.)
Come see why it is this man is guaruuuunteed to get a reaction from the dance floor!!

DJSoulo / hard bangin electro / asylum / 04:30(90 min.)


BeatPoet / House and Breaks / GSP Entertainment / 00:10(90 min.)
Beat Poet first got behind the decks in late 2002, performing at her first event in October 2003. She has become a fixture in the Southern and Central Ohio scenes and has released three mixed CDs. She aims to get butts shaking with her blend of Funky House and Breaks with touches of Electro.

Blake Walker / House / Spoololife / 20:00(90 min.)

In Miami, Blake Walker has rocked many WMC events including Ultra Music Festival. In Chicago, he’s a fixture with appearances at Indra Lounge, Crocodile Lounge,and Smart Bar to name a few.

As “beloved resident” of DUSTTRAXX’s “US Thursdays” at the Crocodile, Blake Walker has shared the stage with Chicago’s very own diva of the decks LADY D! , veteran beat-jacker JOHN SIMMONS , PAUL JOHNSON, GENE FARRIS , and GENE HUNT to name a few.

5 MAGAZINE’s 90s house party places Blake in the company of KARL & MARK ALMARIA, Rees Urban, and Cz Boogie at one of Chicagos prime time events.
Blake Walker programs all flavors of soulful house for any occasion.

Hotsauce / Techno / House / Spoololife / 20:00(90 min.)
From Miami to Detroit, the past 14 years has seen Hotsauce billed alongside EDM fixtures as DJ Shortee, DJ Venom, UFO, DJ FUNK, Paul Anthony, Terry Mullin, and Jason Tyler to name a few, Hotsauce is a premier choice for House and Techno lovers. From global festivals such as Wnter Music Conference… to underground massives like Pilgrims & Indians, Hotsauce is a well seasoned floorshaker. Droppin’ beats for over 10 years on the 1s and 2s, producing fresh choons, and assisting in event production and promotion are comonplace in his everyday life. Catch his guest appearance in Jason Tyler’s “Run Around” Music Video Feat. Sam I Am.

M.C.Fleck / M.C. / Spoololife / Truesoundz / 21:30(90 min.)
M.C. Fleck has been rocking the mic alongside Cory James since 2001. Originally from Lafayette, IN Fleck moved to Indy to start his music career w/ Cory James.

Cory and Fleck threw some of the best house parties Indy had to offer in 2001 and 2002. He has M.C.’d w/ A.K. 1200, Pendulum, Crescendo, Headknocka, Steady B, Starsteady and Synapse just to name a few.

Here are a few parties Cory and Fleck have played. Electronic Sensation, Outlaw, Redemption, Transition, 31 Flavors, PnI, Renegade, Now Hear This, Mix Tape, Eagles Nest, BnG, any many many more.

Also they have shared the stage w/ Dara, Odi, Venom, Shortee and Sage to name a few. Fleck is the man that gets the party amplified w/ well blended lyrics into beets on point every time. Fleck says “Crowd control is the key, make the crowd lift there feet to the beat.”

Cory James / Drum N’ Bass / Spoololife / 21:30(90 min.)
DJ Cory James started his career in 1997, was billed along side EDM legends such as Paul Johnson since 2003, and added Serato to his regimen of DNB and truntablism in 2006. Now resident of Bartini’s Indianapolis, Corey James has rocked most popular Indianapolis clubs such as Sensu, Tiki Bobs, Blu, and Subterra. Moreover, he’s opened for popular entertainment stars such as LMFAO Party Rock Crew, Havana Brown, DJ Air, Shufflebot, DJ PS1, and DJ Colleen Shannon to name a few.

DJ Steady B. / Booty House / Sound Nutz / 23:00(90 min.)
Shannon Burton, aka DJ Steady B, has made quite the respectable name for himself in the music business. Starting out as a Hip/Hop and R&B DJ, he has grown into a multi-genre DJ/Producer/Promoter. Steady B knows what it takes to make it to the top, and by securing his place as one of the Midwest’s top DJ’s, he has certainly proved this. For over 11 years, DJ Steady B has shared his music, energy and style to music lovers all over the world, including Amsterdam, Toronto, Detroit, Orlando, but most importantly home in the Midwest, USA. Steady B has kept good company performing with talented entertainers such as Mix Master Mike, Bad Boy Bill, Alex Peace, Skylab 2000, Shortee, and Paul Anthony to name a few. Steady has held residencies at the R&B Caf�, Mixerz, Olympus, Mark 3, The Mirage, Club DB, Jillians, Veno’s, Roxy’s, The Boiler Room, Club 7 and currently calls The Neon Cactus in West Lafayette home. He has gained support, acknowledgment and a large following in the Greater Lafayette community, as well, by performing at local events such as “The Taste of Tippecanoe”, the “Juneteenth Festival” and a top nominee for the “Lafayette Music Awards” over the past years. In 2000, Steady B released his first mixed tape, “Nice Guys Bang Hard.” This was his first self-produced work, but would soon be followed by “The Hardfather” and “Return of the Hardfather.” By the release of “The Hardfather,” he had competed at Club Eden’s DJ Battle in Indianapolis, IN., and displayed his skills at the Detroit Music Festival. Steady was also afforded the opportunity to perform on 96.5’s “Freak Show” in 2004. While showcasing his own talent is important, Steady has also worked hard to promote the music business as a whole. He has organized unforgettable events such as “Barnyard Breakin’,” “Familia,” and “Mix Tapes 1 & 2.” DJ Steady B’s talent is music. His passion is sharing it with others in any way he can. Be it filling the dance floor mixing tracks, using his own productions or bringing other performers together to put on an amazing event, he never disappoints. His unique and dirty style of music mixed with his eye popping stage performance has made him a favorite for years. His experience and drive will keep him around for many more.

DjPowder / House / Rat Pak / 23:00(90 min.)
Powder collaborating with Steady B hosting club events with headliners and feature DJs Cory James, Paul Anthony, and Shive. 2005 major moves in the industry, and became resident DJ at the Cactus, the largest club in West Lafayette, on Friday nights. 2007 DJ Powder sold himself on his experience and turntablism at shows ensuring a great time at parties. Powder marveled his way into Fusion (underage club) as the premier DJ, popping in and out of the Vogue in Broadripple, and club Seven in Indianapolis. 2007 also marked the year he�d achieve his lifetime goal: spin with Bad Boy Bill at an event with Alex Peace.

Vinsanity / Minimal/Techno / Massive Detroit/LP Events / 00:30(90 min.)
Mini Bio: From Detroit, Michigan DJ Vinsanity has made an impact in the electronic music community by startin his own party seris in Detroit known as MASSIVE. As Massive began to grow throughout Detroit so did Vinsanity and his career.

Chris Grant / Techno / Outlawed Productions / 00:30(90 min.)
Finishing up at UW-Milwaukee, Chris can be found at underground events all over the country. Tearing up dance floors wherever he goes with his own style of techno. The founder of Outlawed Productions is here to show you a good time.

DJ Nitro / House / Janky Inc. / 02:00(75 min.)
DJ Nitro has quickly become one of the rising stars of the Midwest. Starting out at after-hours parties in St. Louis, Missouri and working his way through club nights at local clubs and second-room time slots, Nitro built his following from the ground up. It was only a matter of time before he played his first out-of-town show in Muncie, Indiana and, in his words, “It was all down-hill from there.”Things have changed quite a bit. He has played at shows across America from San Francisco to Baltimore and from Detroit to Memphis and all points in between. In 1999, he broke the international barrier, playing Toronto, Edmonton, Saskatoon and Winnipeg. Nitro calls his style Disco-Tech. “Most house music”, Nitro remarks, “doesn�t usually have enough energy to move a crowd at peak hour – But when you give ‘em something hard mixed with something funky, the people on the floor can’t help but dance.”Nitro’s track production has apparently made quite a few industry people want to dance as well. Available spring of 2002 is a remix of “Da Bomb!” by Donald Glaude on Donald’s label, Respect Recordings. With it’s relentless bass-lines and funkier-than-thou stabs, Nitro again has brought a solid head-thumper to the table. Nitro’s newest offering to dance music resides in an unlikely place – the liquor store. Nitro now has two tracks available on Smirnoff Ice’s new “twist ‘n spin” CDs. These are being distributed and advertised nation-wide with Smirnoff Ice 6 packs.In September of 2002, Nitro made the decision to return to his home town of St. Louis, MO. “Kansas City was a blast, I made a lot of really cool friends, but it was time to move on.”, He says, “Without saying too much, let me just say that things are going to go well here.”Wherever Nitro goes from here, one thing can be sure, it’s going to be funky.

RobRage / Techno / 313 Family / 03:10(75 min.)

Clint Eastwood / … / … / 04:30(90 min.)

DJ Symmetric / Techno / NoizBoyz / 04:30(90 min.)

Log Squared / … / Woody / 20:00(600 min.)
50,000 WATS of digital dancefloor fidelity requires structural integrity inspections of the venues it serves… as it shakes fixtures from ceilings, and windows from walls. Log Squared sound systems have been rockin’ dancefloors for years, but recently… we’ve noticed a whole new sound system. Designed, engineered, and constructed by Log Squared, the new “2nd GENERATION” subwoofer enclosures raise the bar in powerful high fidelity bass reproduction.

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