An Electronic Dance Music NEW YEAR SOIREE! 27 Distinct hours of EDM across 3 STAGES mixed live by 26 of your favorite nightlife heroes on the WHEELS OF STEEL featuring Chicago’s house legends Stacy Kidd and DJ Slugo… plus Dub Step prodigy Vaski!

BLASTOFF!:MMX… destination 2010!

Stacy Kidd

(House, House 4 Life Records)
Stacy Kidd was born in Chicago in 1972 and started DJing in 1987 after being amazed by the music he was hearing on the radio. He started out recording Chicago house mixes off the radio, and would try to mix them together with 2 tape decks. He would even try to mix them together on one radio with 2 tape players on it. After doing that for a year, Stacy began to have a good ear for the music and started to buy records…. but didn’t even own a turntable yet. It wasn’t until 1989 when he finally got a single turntable and started to mix with one turntable and one tape deck. Having mixed for a while without a pitch control on tape decks, using the turntable came naturally. In 1990 Stacy was invited to play at a house party where he first used two turntables. There he met Paul Johnson who was a guest at the party. Stacy was playing a lot of unknown tracks he received from other producers like Ron Hardy, DJ Rush, Armando and Farley JM Funk. Paul also had some unknown material so they stared comparing tracks. Stacy would play one, then Paul would play one. This went on for hours. Soon after, they began to hang out and work on music together regularly. In 1994 Stacy completed his first record with Paul on Dance Mania Records called “Stacy Kidd & Pilly P Doing Thangs Vol 1.” They went on to do two more volumes before Stacy completed his first solo project called “15213 Loomis” on Dance Mania Records in 1996. Following Paul Johnson’s advise on musical styles, Stacy put out three club records that same year on Huge Records (Chicago), Relief Records (Chicago) and Peacefrog Records in London. In 1997 he started traveling with Paul and performing at different events all over the world. The following year, Stacy made a huge impact on the club scene when he released five records on Dusttraxx Records (Chicago), Aftermidnight Records (Holland), Riviera Records (France), Daddy Records – a sub label of Peacefrog (London) and a remix for Ministry of Sound Records in London. He continued to release records and travel meeting a lot of DJs & producers from all over the world. By the year 2000, Stacy reached a whole new level, he was working on more vocal projects and remixes for larger labels as well as joining many tours and studio sessions with a lot of the top house music producers in the game. In 2002, Stacy started his own production company, “Underground Elements”, which includes vocalists Joi Williams and Matthew Yates, producers/DJ‘s Tim Funatik (Dallas), Melvin Meeks (Chicago), Scott Payne (Chicago), and Ice Mike Lataker (Chicago). In 2003, Stacy Kidd’s “HOT”, got him recognized as one of the most versatile up-and-coming producers in Chicago by DJ Magazine. Stacy also joined the Louie Vega and Kenny Dope (MAW) family on their new label “Kenlou Records.” Stacy has DJed all over the world and the U.S. and has a lot more production coming out of “Underground Elements” in the near future.

DJ Slugo

(Dance / Juke / Ghetto House , Blok Club DJ’s)
Cue the bass…Deep in the heart of the ghetto, on the mean streets of Chicago’s infamous Southside, a music pioneer was born… From the beginning, Thomas “DJ Slugo” Kendricks was influenced by his cousin, Dj Geno, a member of a local Chicago hot mix group, and other local icons such as the Hot Mix 5 (of Chicago radio). Slugo, with over 20 years in the game, over 20 albums in his pocket and over 50 CDs on the street, began a journey that lead him to become one of the original creators of a style of music commonly known as Ghetto House, more recently regarded as Juke. Ghetto House, an urban dance sound created by inner-city producers from raw walks of life and derived from Old School House, is steeped with nuances from ghetto-life traditions and descriptions of the hood through rhythm. It moves beyond the just being and dives right into the metaphysical, with its rhythmic, infectious energy exciting the inner spirit and making folk return to their Motherland dance roots. The magic struck Slugo at a high school dance where he asked the dj if he could spin a couple of tracks. Although his set only lasted a brief 15 minutes, it ignited a flame that burns brighter than ever today. From 1984-1987, Slugo honed his skills by observing the skills of his local heroes. Participating in heated dj battles won him acclaim as a technical expert on the wheels of steel. He released his first truly professional mix tape Ghetto Mix Part III (1992). This tape landed in the hands of Ray Barney, CEO of the Chicago-based Dance Mania, one of the largest dance music labels in the world. Barney and Slugo formalized an agreement resulting in a long stream of releases on the Dance Mania label and affording Slugo the freedom to form his own label, Subterranean Playhouse. During this same period, friend and fellow producer Paul Johnson, introduced Slugo to a southern promoter, which culminated his professional merge into the rave scene. His unheard of Ghetto style of mixing quickly made him a favorite to tens of thousands of partygoers and promoters alike. The release of the popular Cardboard Booty mix CD, called “the most influential ghetto house CD ever made” by London’s Underbeat Magazine, who also went on to call DJ Slugo, “the Ghetto-father of the American dance floor.” As his fame spread, releases with other national labels, such as Underground Construction, Dance Mania, GTI Records, Serotonin Records, Data Bass, CWAL Mob Recordings, Wide Records and Crosstalk International, Inc., as well as his follow up album, The Ghetto Don, flew off the shelves. Taking his career to the next level, Slugo signed with the 1 electronic music booking agency in the United States, Teknomafia. With Teknomafia’s 10-year strong foothold on the nationwide rave, club & concert market as well as national distribution for his future releases, the only question that remained was where to begin. Slugo later said that this proved to be one of the best decisions made for his career. After Teknomafia shut their doors and in order to progress into mainstream music, DJ Slugo was the only electronic artist kept on the roster. 2002 saw Slugo returning to his roots with new projects, Where the Rats and Godzilla. Slugo calls these releases without a doubt, some of his best work. They have also without a doubt, exceeded the sales of nearly every other release he has done to this date and which lead to his wildly successful “Godzilla” track becoming a worldwide phenomenon. After a year-long respite to rethink his career path, Slugo is back in the game and taking the world by storm. Recent affiliations with England’s Wide Adventure and Crosstalk International, Inc. promise many great things to come. “Imma keep making Ghetto House music because I love it!” The saga continues…


(Dubstep, Rutton Recordings)
Vaski is a relatively new face to the dubstep world, however his progressive sound has caught members of the dubstep community by storm. His tracks are played by hundreds of DJs around the world. His first single, “Resonate” peaked at number two in the dubstep charts on beatport. Every release of his to date has had at least one track make it to the top ten chart. He recently released his “World on Fire EP” which contained the chart topping singles, “Get down,” and “World on Fire”. His tour plans for 2010 span across continents, all the while he will be producing more of his take of this heavy bass music we so lovingly call Dubstep

Quick Mix

(U.S. Hardhouse, )
I have been DJ’ing since ’89. By the time I was 17 I was winning DJ competitions. In ’95 I won a contest held by Bad Boy Bill and B96 in Chicago. That opened the door for me to perform at hundreds of clubs throughout the Midwest. In 2000 I started as an opening act for artists such as Digital Underground, Cypress Hill, Onyx, De La Soul, as well as DJ Skribble (MTV), Kid Capri (Def Comedy Jam), Richard “Humpty” Vission (MTV). I headlined a two country tour in Western Europe in 2003. When I returned to America I got signed to Before and After Records, owned by Black Jesus (BET UnCut Legend.) I performed at afterparties for Jay-Z, Fabolous, Ludacris, Chingy, D12, and countless others. In addition to multiple newspaper and TV ads, I’ve made appearances in Steve-O’s Summer Tour Part 2 DVD and BET (Black Jesus video). Two-time regional finalist in Guitar Center’s Spin-Off’s.


Tim Fusion

(Tribal House, Intergruv Networks)
Tim Fusion’s name is definitive of his style. He brings together body rocking beats and heart stopping rhythms with smooth blends of progressive house, trance, and techno. Time and time again Tim has proven himself with his unforgettable sets. Tim Fusion mixes analog and digital technology, creating unique experiences every time. Taking the passion of the moment and cultivating it into a fantastical experience is what Tim Fusion does best. Expect the unexpected with Tim Fusion, and be ready to be pleasured and satisfied. Your pulse will never beat the same after experiencing his smooth blends and sharp mixing style.


(House/Breaks, Turtle Productions / Spoololife)One of the regions rising stars, this Indiana USA DJ has gained regional notoriety in a seemingly short time. Submerged in EDM before the turn of the millennium,Turtlematt’s foundation in EDM was inspired from the dancefloor up. Turtlematt began assembling mid-scale events in 2002, established “Turtle Productions” in 2005, and found himself playing at events in 2007. Sharing the stage with such EDM fixtures as Stacy Kidd and Angel Alanis or surprise sessions at private events, Turtlematt has attracted a dedicated following throughout the region. Turtlematt programs innovative sessions of house and breaks seasoned with his refreshing stage presence and a static connection to the dancefloor.


(DnB, Four Ent. / Crowd Control)
Lasher began spinning in 2002, playing hard house throughout the Louisville area until he realized how much he loved that dirty bass sound, and graduated to filthy drum n bass in 2006. Since then, he has been experimenting with hybrid styles, including neuro funk, jump up, and tech step, always attempting to find something new in order to eventually change the face of electronic music forever. He has shared the stage with such greats as the Thrillseekers, Hive, Jackal & Hyde, DJ Monk, 6blocc, Phantom 45, UFO!, and many more. You are not ready!!!


(DnB / Dubstep, (216)BASS / CDNBC)
Pushing the sounds of Drum & Bass and Dubstep, Atypical is the founding father of the infamous Study:Sessions weekly,, and the Bring Your Own Bass parties. Recently converting to an all vinyl format, Atypical has been gaining respect from both veteran DJs and club goers across the midwest. Playing alongside the likes of Hellfire Machina, Jason Burns, and Simon Slum; don’t miss this NE Ohio heavyweight in action.


(Electro-House, Crash)
Jin-XS has been an up and coming face in the Indianapolis scene in recent years. He has spun almost every genre, and performed in some of Indy’s biggest clubs, becoming focused more recently as a Electro-house DJ, but never afraid to delve into eclectic sounds, from Industrial to Dubstep.

DJ Gir

(breaks/various house/industrial/aggrotech/ebm/eclectic, Crash Productions)
dj gir started dj’ing house and breaks on vinal,and learned cd shortly afterwards,his eclectic taste in music has led to mixes from white zombie vs breaks to switchblade symphony meets techno,hes been a fan of the industrial scene for over 10 years,and thanks to the new wave in aggrotech,ebm,and powernoise,has dived into dj’ing for the industrial scene in indiana.he is also managing “crash productions”,which is a diverse array of musical genres provoking unconventional music technique & style.

Hotsauce (Techno / House, Spoololife)

Negotiator (Breaks, Lunatik Productions)

Dave Owen (DnB, Influence Records)

DJ Symmetric (Techno, NoizBoyz)

Dj Spacecadet (UK Breaks, Vritual Insomnia Music )

Pseudocyde (Breakbeat, Next Era Entertainment)

Psynapse (Dubstep, Juxtapoze )

Defi (Trance, )

Kodama (Fidget / Dub, )

Ultrafunkula (Jungle, )

Emplate (DnB, (216)BASS / CDNBC )

Dj Tek 9 (Electro Trance, Intergruv Networks )

Mad Chiller (DnB, )

J.A.N.K (DnB, Next Era Entertainment )

Heathcliff (Dubstep, Perpetual Sound Solutions )

James B. (Trance, )

Log Squared Sound
50,000 WATS of digital dancefloor fidelity requires structural integrity inspections of the venues it serves as it shakes fixtures from ceilings, and windows from walls. Log Squared sound systems have been rockin’ dancefloors for years, but recently we’ve noticed a whole new sound system. Designed, engineered, and constructed by Log Squared, the new “2nd GENERATION” subwoofer enclosures raise the bar in powerful high fidelity bass reproduction.


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