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Bryan Jones / House / Control Recordings / 23:30(60 min.)
Control, Ringside, Ministry of Sound, OM, Ultra, i! Records, Fetish, Spatula City, Amenti, Aroma, Moody, Black Cherry, Jackin Tracks, Guesthouse, Farris Wheel, Robsoul, Nordic Trax, Detour, Lingo, Nine, Kontrast, Olive, A Squared, Nocturnal, Dirty Fabric, Bid Muzik, Ammo, In-Stereo

Bryan Jones has been a staple in house music for years now. He has released over 150 songs on over 50 different labels around the world. Bryan’s original songs and remixes can be heard on labels such as Ministry of Sound, Ultra, OM, i! Records, Aroma, Fetish, Robsoul, Quiet City, Amenti, Nocturnal, In Stereo, Guesthouse, Spatula City, and many many more.

Over the years, Bryan’s music has been played by many of the world’s top djs including: Derrick Carter, DJ Dan, Pete Tong, Mark Farina, Felix da Housecat, Kaskade, Paul Van Dyke, Bad Boy Bill, DJ Sneak, Judge Jules, and DJ Heather amongst others. He has also remixed for many big artists like Kaskade, Todd Edwards, Kid Creme, Harrison Crump, Chuck Love, Supafly, CZR, Angel Alanis, Richard Les Crees, Damon Trueitt, and more.

Bryan currently runs Control Recordings, Ringside Recordings which both focus in Funky Jackin Chicago House. He also runs Low End Recordings which will make its first appearance in late 2007. Bryan’s debut album, the “Step Back LP”, just dropped on cd in stores around the world on NYC’s legendary i! Records. He is currently touring for the album as well. In the last year Bryan has DJ’ed in Australia, UK, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Russia, The West Indies, Canada, Mexico, and all over the United States.

Kyle Geiger / Techno / Drumcode / 00:30(60 min.)
Named in DJ Mag as the “breakthrough DJ of 2008″ by Adam Beyer, the last year has proven to be nothing short of that title for Kyle Geiger. Within the first year of his premier vinyl release, Kyle has achieved international notoriety, a feat that many never accomplish in their entire career as a DJ/producer. Having played literally all over America, the Indiana-based producer is set to storm the international scene. With two European tours under his belt already, including two performances at the widely touted Berghain in Berlin (Voted by as the 1 club in the world), rounded off with a stop at the Dance Valley festival in Amsterdam this summer, Kyle is certainly prepared for the big things 2009 is already promising to bring.

Kyle’s quick rise in the international dance scene is due to both his production prowess, and his explosive decks and effects DJ sets that bridge the divide between techno and minimal. Kyle is not a producer first, DJ second, but chooses to look at both aspects of DJ and production as a whole; one is not complete without the other.

Originally inspired by the harder, percussive stylings of late 90’s Swedish techno featured on seminal labels like Drumcode and Code Red, Kyle has witnessed the evolution of the genre as it morphed into a slower, groove based sound. Still loving the energy and power of the earlier phases of techno while embracing the genre’s changes, Kyle has refined his productions and DJ sets into what very well may be a new breed of techno that pushes things forward for the next generation of techno to come.

Initially urged on by long time friends and minimal techno veterans JPLS and Skoozbot, a demo made it to Drumcode label manager Adam Beyer who was on the hunt for what he describes as a “modern techno sound”. Beyer immediately put Kyle’s tracks to the test at the 2007 Winter Music Conference and invited him onboard as a Drumcode artist. With two highly regarded releases on Adam Beyer’s Drumcode label, remixes for Droid Recordings, Renovatio and MB Elektronics, and licensed tracks for the legendary Music Man and Harthouse labels’ mix compilations, the future is proving to be a very promising place for Kyle Geiger as he continues to take his widely recognized DJ set around the world and to the next level.

DJ Seoul / Techno / Bang Tech 12 / Detroit Techno Militia
As owner and co-founder of Bang Tech 12, DJ Seoul has been tearing up the Detroit Techno scene for 11years. Playing a wide assortment of music, from electro to hip hop to rare groove to house to minimal, DJ Seoul is known for bringing a turntablist hip hop style of mixing to his set no matter what genre he is playing.

DJ Seoul has played from coast to coast in the states as well as parts of Canada as well. He has held many residencies including One X, Buddha Lounge, Marilyns on Monroe, Lager House, All Star Cafe, Green Room, Flavor, as well as many more. As a promoter, Bang Tech 12 is responsible for some of the best events in Detroit in the mid to late nineties. Some of the events include Vertigo, Sounds of Futures Past, and Rampage just to name a few. Now Bang Tech 12 is purely concerned with just producing music and small events for Detroit. The days of the big party events are over in Detroit. Now the focus is on small invite only underground events and doing the larger events at legal venues located in the greater Metropolitan Detroit area. As a producer, DJ Seoul has a few different monikers. One of these is ” Funk Shui” which is stripped down electro that has an old school feel to it designed for breakers and turntablists.

Quick Mix / U.S. Hardhouse / … / 20:00(60 min.)
I have been DJ’ing since ‘89. By the time I was 17 I was winning DJ competitions. In ‘95 I won a contest held by Bad Boy Bill and B96 in Chicago. That opened the door for me to perform at hundreds of clubs throughout the Midwest. In 2000 I started as an opening act for artists such as Digital Underground, Cypress Hill, Onyx, De La Soul, as well as DJ Skribble (MTV), Kid Capri (Def Comedy Jam), Richard “Humpty” Vission (MTV). I headlined a two country tour in Western Europe in 2003. When I returned to America I got signed to Before and After Records, owned by Black Jesus (BET UnCut Legend.) I performed at afterparties for Jay-Z, Fabolous, Ludacris, Chingy, D12, and countless others. In addition to multiple newspaper and TV ads, I’ve made appearances in Steve-O’s Summer Tour Part 2 DVD and BET (Black Jesus video). Two-time regional finalist in Guitar Center’s Spin-Off’s. I’m a competition turntablist famous for the around the back and foot scratch (video coming soon to this site.)

Donald Whan / Hardcore / Hardcore 313 / 04:00(60 min.)
I’ve been Djing for about 4 years now, I mostly go for Hardcore, Freeform and Hardstyle when I play and the very seldom Gabber. I love music and art. They’re my life my dreams and my only true love. I created Hardcore 313 with a couple close buddys to show Detroit what music can do for Detroit and to let Detroit hear the harder more energetic forms of music. Other than all this I go to college for graphic design and I’m almost out!

DJ Seth Nichols / Techno / / 05:00(60 min.)
Seth is a long time electronic music enthusiast, as he began to listen to EDM at the ripe age of 12 in 1992. He religiously listened to the late Saturday night radio show �97 extra beats� on Cincinnati�s 97X �the future of rock n roll�. He often taped the show for future listening and exploration into this new, weird sound. This was the weekly tradition of Seth and his long time friend John Mack, and was their own little secret all the way through high school as they never really found others who enjoyed electronic music. What started as a shared love of music with a friend became the beginning of the path that has taken Seth to where he is today.

Not until 1999 did Seth discover a place outside of his cd player that electronic music could be heard and enjoyed. Seth was drawn into the rave scene with a vengeance. Shortly after the �Summer of 99� Seth and John invested in their first dj setup consisting of 2 Gemini direct drive turntables and a Gemini mixer. (premium equipment right out the gate!) This then led to purchasing records mainly from eBay and other on-line record stores as they were in a small college town in Ohio (Springfield � Wittenberg University). From the purchasing of many different record lots on eBay they eventually began reselling records they didn�t fancy. They started turning profits which eventually led to the birth of Evolving Records in 2001.

Seth and John left college and headed off to Indianapolis to open up a record store. The record store ran fairly successfully up to 2006 when it was shutdown and moved on-line. Today it is run solely by Seth under the name of �Love Vinyl Records�, and is doing quite well.

Throughout the time that the record store was open, the DJ career of Seth began to take shape. Seth has opened for numerous big name DJs who came through Indianapolis since 2002 and a host of cities around the US from Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Chicago, Detroit, Louisville, and more. Seth has also had 2 club residencies in Indianapolis : Eden Nightclub in Broadripple in 03-04 and Therapy Nightclub from 06-present.

Jimmi Journey / Techno / House / Spoololife / 00:10(75 min.)
His debut aboard the BACARDI RED HOT ROAD TRIP in 2001, Jimmi�s repertoire of house and techno sessions across two � or three � turntables has lifted dance-floors throughout the nation. Billed with EDM legends Electric Skychurch, Wilhelm K., Paul Johnson, Tommy Sunshine, Jason Tyler, DJ Venom, John B., and 7up to name a few, Jimmi gleaned rapid notoriety at legendary underground massives such as Catalyticsouls� �Underground Sound�, ToymakerMusic�s �Barn Yard Boogie�, Spoololife�s �Pilgrims & Indians (PNI)�, and many more. Featuring contributions from Jimmi Journey, Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin, Underworld, and DJ Shiva, author Mark J. Butler�s book �Unlocking the Groove� won the Certificate of Merit for Best Research in Recorded Popular Music 2007 by the Association for Recorded Sound Collections. On the airwaves, Jimmi spun numerous live sets on WIUX and WFHB in Bloomington, IN, and would later manage “Spoololife Radio” which has reached over a million listeners since 2010 as part of the program lineup on the worlds largest streaming radio provider, Tunein Radio. More 411

Shaun C / Funky Jackin’ House / Fort Wayne House Authority / / 21:30(60 min.)
Hailing from Fort Wayne, Indiana, Shaun C developed a love of music at a young age. He grew up listening to the oldies his parents were playing on the radio, and later developed a love for jazz and horns as he played the Tuba, Baritone, and Trombone. He has had a love of house music since the mid-1990’s, when he was introduced to the influencing music of dj’s such as Paul Johnson, DJ Sneak, Slater Hogan, Daft Punk, Boo Williams, Bryan Jones, and many more.

Moving from a love of listening to a love of playing. In 2009, Shaun founded the Fort Wayne House Authority. Shaun puts down those deep, nasty and funky house beats in the Fort Wayne House Authority Studio. He jump-started his DJ career by upgrading his entire collection of equipment, and created his studio. He is a regular player in Fort Wayne’s Electronic Music Scene, and has played in different venues around the region. Shaun C has also been a resident on for over a year, hosting Thirsty Thursdays as a weekly broadcast.

Shaun is constantly searching for the newest, sweetest house beats being produced and is eager to start producing his own sound of sweet, soulful house music


Hotsauce / Techno / House / Spoololife / 01:30(60 min.)
From Miami to Detroit, the past 14 years has seen Hotsauce billed alongside EDM fixtures as DJ Shortee, DJ Venom, UFO, DJ FUNK, Paul Anthony, Terry Mullin, and Jason Tyler to name a few, Hotsauce is a premier choice for House and Techno lovers. From global festivals such as Wnter Music Conference… to underground massives like Pilgrims & Indians, Hotsauce is a well seasoned floorshaker. Droppin’ beats for over 10 years on the 1s and 2s, producing fresh choons, and assisting in event production and promotion are comonplace in his everyday life. Catch his guest appearance in Jason Tyler’s “Run Around” Music Video Feat. Sam I Am.

Obity Kenobi / Techno Jedi / Asylum Productions / Disco Aliens / 02:30(60 min.)
tyrohn brooks was born in louisville, ky in 1979…growing up as a kid, music was always a factor within the household. disco was a favorite genre of his mother when cleaning the house and doing chores. as the years went by, he found the underground electronic music scene in 1996 and began his journey, attending raves all over the midwest. he jumped out of the scene and began doing jam band festivals and other non-edm events. but in 2004, he returned to the scene after attending DEMF and realized that that was what he was missing…after a 3 month journey out to yosemite national park and san diego, california, he had what he calls a “spoke to god ” moment and “god” told him to return home and “become a dj”. so he did, and has since then. he recieved the name obitykenobi from a homeless man named “reggie from new orleans” (ask about how the name came to be sometime). kenobi has been a major factor in the scene for louisville as well as around the mid-west, taking a diplomatic approach everywhere he goes. well-respected by many promotors, dj’s, producers, ravers, hippies, bartenders, and others, obitykenobi is sure to put love in your heart and movement into your soul. a founding member of asylum productions in louisville, ky as well as the disco aliens also in louisville, ky. generally a well rounded dj as well as an amazing individual, you will enjoy his energy.

Ready / Techno / Fifty Foot Robots / 22:30(60 min.)
Ready/Kevin Fernandez has been involved with music most of his life. Starting off as a drummer at the age of 10, he started learning music structure and rhythm. It wasnt until he graduated high school in 2001 that he would start attending raves and becoming more involved in the Electronic Music Scene. Quickly drawn to the sounds of dance music, he picked up a pair of cheap turntables and started learning to mix dance music.

After a few years of DJing, Kevin took an opportunity to learn more about the productive side of music. He moved to Miami in 2003 to attend school at SAE (School of Audio Engineering, He quickly learned the arts of recording, editing, and mixing down. He also learned programs like Reason, Pro-Tools, and Cubase for his own production projects.

After completing the Audio Engineering program at SAE, Kevin received his Audio Engineering Diploma and returned home to St. Louis. He quickly busted on to the St. Louis nightlife scene with a residency at the U Lounge and thanks in large part to B&W Productions opened up for international talents with for such acts as Q-Burns, George Acosta, Lee Coombs, Gabriel & Dresden, Satoshi Tomiie, Bassnectar, Micro, Stanton Warriors, and more. He has also added regular appearances at pretty much every venue in St. Louis that promotes and pushes electronic dance music including the late great club Velvet. As well as DJing, Kevin continued to work in the studio as an engineer and a producer for his own work. He was doing audio engineering gigs for Basement Beats (JE and Wally) in Nellys Lake St. Louis studio conducting recording sessions and editing hip-hop tracks. He received his first album credit for a recording session on Avery Storms debut album.

Recently, Kevin was a co-host with Josh Sedivy (Narcosis) on one of the hottest break beat internet radio stations in the world. They host Fractured Breaks on Sundays from 6-8pm at As well as hosting a radio show, Kevin spends his time working on producing and remixing music. With nearly a decade of DJing and promoting under his belt, Kevin is also a co-frontman of Fifty Foot Robots Productions. They are working hard to deliver some of the best events and parties for the St. Louis Scene.

DJ Dusk / Trance / Electronic Enlightenment / 03:30(60 min.)
Born to a Lebanese father and American mother, Dusk is an Ohio DJ specializing in trance, international, house, breaks, progressive, and club. His passion drove him to earn a professional degree in music (Bachelor of Music in Education, Miami University 2001), and host bi-weekly world and electronic music event in Cincinnati. Today, Dusk works hard to pump positive energy into the Cincinnati scene; exposing promising new talent, and giving established local and regional performers a chance to rock the crowds.

As a DJ, Dusk’s mix of digital and vinyl sources offers the listener a new dimension of depth not found in every DJ experience. High quality music with a lot of heart has always been at the core of Dusk’s performances. From exotic musics of diverse origins, to the hottest and movin-est club beats, to the most uplifting of trance tracks, Dusk is all quality, no filler.



KidLiquid / Breaks / Fifty Foot Robots / 23:30(60 min.)
I am a dj that plays drum & bass, breaks, dub, pretty much anything that gets my toe a tapping, also i’m 1 half of the FIFTY FOOT ROBOTS PRODUCTIONS front man along with my bro Andy B aka Liquid D. I consider myself to be very intellectual. Very open minded. Any fun to be around. I’ve seen enough in my day to realize that life is only meant to be lived to the fullest. We need not to worry about the little things in life and learn to take chances and experience new things who knows what you might like. This planet has many great things to offer and great people to share those things with we just have to find them.

Sneaky / Minimal / Bang Tech 12 / 00:30(60 min.)
Sneaky aka Joe Christopher resides in Fort Wayne, Indiana and grew up right between Detroit and Chicago giving him the best there was to offer in electronic music when it was starting to blow up in the 90’s. Sneaky got his first taste of electronic music when he first heard the sounds of Plastikman during the 90’s and since has embraced electronic music with all of his soul. After having attended many parties, he decided in early 2000 that he wanted to be an orchestrator of the beat as well and took to the decks. Since then he has become a staple on MPIII.Com Radio, created FTWEM.Com a website dedicated to electronic music in his home city and helped run the longest running monthly electronic music event ever held in Fort Wayne as well as organizing and participating in the best electronic music events the city has ever seen. Sneaky has dedicated most of his free time to promoting, producing and presenting electronic music with the hopes that one day people will realize this is not the alternative pop music, but a way of life, a culture and a music that doesn’t leave the consciousness as soon as you hit stop. Sneaky recently joined forces with the Indiana branch of Bang Tech 12 (a Detroit based DJ crew spanning the globe) and has also partnered up with Jehrid Stuckey to be co-label owner of Manatee Records. Be on the look out for upcoming releases and DJ sets in your area.

Turtlematt / House / Breaks / Turtle Productions / Spoololife / 21:30(60 min.)
One of the regions rising stars, this Indiana USA DJ has gained regional notoriety in a seemingly short time. Submerged in EDM before the turn of the millennium, Turtlematt’s foundation in EDM was inspired from the dancefloor up.

Turtlematt began assembling mid-scale events in 2002, established “Turtle Productions” in 2005, and found himself playing at events in 2007.

Sharing the stage with such EDM fixtures as Paul Johnson, Stacy Kidd, DJ Micro, DJ Shortee, DJ Venom, and Angel Alanis to name a few, Turtlematt has attracted a dedicated following throughout the region.

Joining the Spoololife promotion team in 2005, Turtlematt has learned from aspiring developers, coordinators, producers, performers, and engineers, earning his place as Spoololife event coordinator in 2007.

Turtlematt programs innovative sessions of house and breaks seasoned with his refreshing stage presence and a static connection to the dancefloor.

Parallel w/ MC College Youth / Drum N Bass / NSF / Pinecone Moonshine / Digibeat / 22:30(60 min.)
Music has always been a passion of mine. I began spinning records in 98� and was sneaking into my first residency 3 years later. Influenced by the sounds of Equinox, Paradox, early Metalheadz (j-Magik, Dillinja, Peshay, �), and more recently the sounds of artists such as NSF-MUSIC.COM and With tunes forthcoming on Digibeat, Fourth Dimension Records, Subvertcentral Digital, and Fior Records and DJ support from the likes of Equinox (scientific wax show), Code (subtle audio show), Hiddensound, Noisemonky and Metalx. Parallel has been billed alongside artists such as Dom&Roland, Seba, Sumone and Soundmurder always bringing a eclectic and upfront selection to the decks Parallel is a artist to keep your eye on.

Gizzmo / Dubstep / iQ Entertainment / 01:30(60 min.)

Mpathe / Drum N Bass / Hip Hop / … / 04:30(60 min.)

Heathcliff / Electro House /Techno / Propetual Sound Solutions / 20:00(60 min.)

MC FireCat 451 / House / Mobius Audiolab / 21:30(60 min.)
the best mc in the world!!

Nonsense / Drum and Bass / P.H.D Productions / 22:30(60 min.)
to be updated

Nate the Natural / House / FUNKenterprises / 23:30(60 min.)

Epitaph / Drum and Bass / Reigme Recording / 00:30(60 min.)
Top Of the Midwest Regional Djs



Defi / Trance / … / 03:00(60 min.)


Log Squared 
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