NOA | AON Interview

OneEDM interviews NOA | AON

Pavel Stuchlik (aka NOA | AON) is a young entrepreneur that hit the ground running at full speed. In addition to his excelling music career, he also has an investment in the company Orange Theory Fitness. Pavel has one goal in mind: to bring joy, freedom, celebration, and confidence to his audience.

Wanting to create what he calls, “the modern healing music,” Pavel has witnessed firsthand what scientifically calculated audio stimuli can do to trigger both emotions and physical reactions in participants. Pavel Stuchlik now embarks on the latest phase of his ever-morphing career. By all means, he is armed with financial resources that will present him the opportunity to bring his message of reinvigoration, acceptance, and unity to the masses through electronic music.  Moreover, as Stuchlik sees it, he is going beyond what other commercially popular electronic dance music (EDM) DJs routinely do.

Indeed, Pavel Stuchlik goal is to “create the modern good.”  With this intention, he approaches sound from the mindset of a holistic healer. Stuchlik is able to conjure rapturous swells of ecstasy with listeners when he DJs. In fact, he previously worked with teams of scientists from Berlin to create a full-length album of uplifting, therapeutic music.

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