Skream returns to Toronto for marathon set in lieu of cancelled show

Skream returns to Toronto for marathon set in lieu of cancelled showCRSSD 2016 Skream

Skream marks his second attempt at a Toronto show in the previous few weeks, settling in for a seven-hour marathon set behind the decks at CODA Nightclub.

After announcing his first album in over ten years, Skream makes his return to Toronto on January 16, 2020, now in the form of an open-to-close showing at the same venue, CODA Nightclub. CODA’s robust sound system and routine bookings of top-tier talent is a surefire contribution to their continued success and acclaim.

Known for spearheading the rise and growth of the UK’s 2000s dubstep scene, Skream’s musical discography and legacy extends further than most. His early productions combined invigorating melodic vocals through grimy frequencies—a seemingly unlikely pairing, though, one that quickly set him apart from his counterparts. Over a decade later, he now plays and produces a mixture of house, techno, and disco.

In early 2019, Skream announced a bundle of summer shows including a stop in Toronto, to the delight of Canadian fans. However the show was cancelled one week prior to the event. No official statement was made, however fans observed the announcement of his newborn child via his Instagram account.

Tickets for Skream’s Toronto marathon set are available online.

Photo credit: CRSSD Festival


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