Galantis and OneRepublic captivate with colorful new video for hit single ‘Bones’Bones Music Video

Galantis and OneRepublic teamed up in early 2019 to release their radi friendly hit “Bones,” which has since racked up over 45 million streams on Spotify alone. As more electronic music producers such as Galantis team up with mainstream pop groups, the production values in the accompanying music videos has naturally skyrocketed. This is as apparent as ever now that Galantis and OneRepublic have released the visual counterpart to “Bones.”

The artists teamed up with director Spencer Hord for the video, and he comments on his interpretation of the “Bones” music video, saying, “We wanted to do something conceptually simple, but visually challenging. The goal was to create a literal representation of “Bones” with 3D animation, and merge these CG assets with a moody amusement park environment to create a surreal mixed-reality narrative. We shot the live action plates at Castle Park in Riverside—a small theme park in Southern California I grew up attending for various grade-school birthday parties. The location was much better than I remembered, and the production process became a nostalgic experience to say the least.”

The elaborate video tells the story of the attendees of an amusement park floating between the living and the dead, as they become skeletons at night within the vivid confines of the sensory illuminating surroundings.


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