Herpes reports show considerable spike in close proximity to CoachellaCoachella 2019 W1 Charles Reagan

Some people brought home overpriced Yeezy merch to commemorate Coachella 2019 and others brought home herpes. According to data released by HerpAlert, a website that allows users to upload images of affected areas of the body for clinical evaluation and then be prescribed treatment for the sexually transmitted disease, cases of herpes seemingly skyrocketed near Coachella during this year’s two weekend run.

The site, which diagnoses on average about 12 cases of the incurable disease on a daily basis, claims to have tallied up more than 250 cases per day around Indio, California between April 12 and 21.

In Coachella’s immediate vicinity—Indio, Palm Desert and Coachella Valley —as well as Los Angeles and San Diego, HerpAlert claims to have come by a reported 1,105 cases of herpes, topping the previous record, obtained during Oscars weekend with a total of 60 cases. Clearly what happens at Coachella does not stay at Coachella.

H/T: New York Post

Featured image via Coachella 2019 by Charles Reagan.

Source: dancingastronaut.com

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