Stockholm’s Fotografiska museum confirms Swedish House Mafia exhibit coinciding with run of hometown datesFotografiska Swedish House Mafia

After Swedish House Mafia posted a cryptic image on April 14, fans were quick to decipher that the logos used inside the three iconic dots were those of the Fotografiska museum, which has locations in Stockholm, London, New York, and Tallinn. Many fans believed this hinted at a forthcoming exhibition in Stockholm, and their suspicions have been confirmed.

A few days after the image was posted, details have officially been released, and it appears a photography and film exhibit called Purgatorium will be taking place at the end of April to coincide with the trio’s run of hometown shows. The multimedia exhibit has been carefully crafted by artist Alexander Wessely, who’s “known for pushing boundaries technically and creatively to create high impact visuals,” according to the museum’s website.

“It has been a thoroughly organic and almost obvious process from the start. For me, [Swedish House Mafia] is about so much more than just three musicians. They are the definition of a cultural wave and have always been exploring ways to stretch the limits of what is possible. And to be able to present this exhibition together with them at Fotografiska means so much,” Wessely told the museum.

The exhibit runs April 30 to May 5. More details can be found here.

Photo credit: Alexander Wessely


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