When Spoololife forged one of the central United States’ notorious underground electronic dance music celebrations, the PNI experience became a collective initiative propelled by thousands of Electronic Dance Music fanatics alongside underground promotion groups such as Masonic, THC Syndicate, PhD Productions, Turtle Productions, Toymaker Music, Catalyticsouls, iQ Entertainment, FUNK Enterprises, DEEP BLUE, N-Phrase, d-Version, House of Babylon, Subterror, In the Groove, PT Enterprises, Induce Online, SoundNutz, Funkshun Productions, Outlawed Productions, Source Productions, Infared Productions, E Productions, Janky Inc. , Nightsneak Entertainment, LP Events, GSP Entertainment, Give Us A Break!, Lunatic, Rapid Eye, Dirty Waxx, and many more.

Supporting local, regional, national, and international talent, the PNI experience has showcased over 160 DJs including the talents of Heather Heart, UFO, Jason Tyler, Wilhelm K, 3D, Disco Kitty, Avex Axiom, Lady 4 Square, DJ Nitro, DJ Booth, Titonton Duvante, DJ Venom, Odi, Rob Rage, and DJ Shiva to name a few.

About PNI

Pilgrims and Indians, otherwise known as PNI, is a special rave from an electronic dance music culture standpoint, but the inspiration goes even further.

The event was thus named partly as a reference to the Pilgrims’ erroneous estimate that their ships had made landfall in India, but largely as an reference to the genocidal atrocity that colonists brought to bear against the cultures of first nations and India due to a flawed perception of cultural diversity.

Therefore, while this rave celebrates celebrates the diversity of cosmic life through electronic dance music, it likewise celebrates the ancient wisdom traditions of the first nations and India, which is to say true harmony is found ONLY in diversity.


PNI λ 2008.11.22

Experience the magic that has made pni a fixture in the Central USA Electronic Dance Music scene since 2004! Live in “Real Time”, stay tuned for breaking event news and updates. Presales now available! Surfing a rift in time, beyond a vector sunrise, a small...

PNI3 2006.10.06-08

Following 2 breathtaking installments of PNI, Indiana launches a fresh and clean PnI3 for 2006, a Midwest Electronic Dance Music Festival. Produced and Promoted by many of the regions dedicated DJs, Promoters, and Peeps we invite you to a Bread Breaking Celebration of Life...

PNI2 2005.11.19

Spoololife Technologies alongside many of the regions leading EDM organizations present: A Midwest EDM Thanksgiving Event. 3 Stages, 30+ Artists AND Wilhelm K. Birthday Soiree, Absolutely Yours, Absolutely Free! +Wilhelm K.+ (House/Techno) New York d-Version Records +DJ Nitro with DJ Booth+ (Funky House) Missouri DJNitro.com / DJ Booth.org +3D+...

PNI 2004.11.27

SATURDAY 11/27 @ FUSION IN THE LOVELY CITY OF INDIANAPOLIS….. A dedicated assembly of MIDWEST Artists and Promoters invite you to an EDM Thanksgiving Extravaganza! A concept of UNITY, we will be featuring special Tagteam / MC sets from all over the region! So round...

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