The world is our playground, and EDM is the common bond of enjoyment we all share! Join us as we Unite in celebration of life through music; the sounds that continue to save lives on and off the dancefloor. SLIDE & SWING TO THE MERY-GO-ROUND of SOUND! Featuring: D-Queue, Lady Bandit, Donald Whan, SoundVictim, Steady B, DJMD, Sin, and several MORE of the areas best regional DJs!

D-Queue (Dallas, TX)
Geomagnetic, Sub Lab Recordings, Waveform Modulations, DUBTHUGZ, Dub Collective, Serious War Recordings, Collie Connect Recordings

Music producer based in Dallas, TX. His musical background consists of classical/jazz trombone, and is mostly self-taught in the field of electronic music production. Focusing on Dubstep/Drum and Bass/Trip-Hop, this producer has experimented with a broad range of moods and sounds. Originally an ambient/trip-hop producer, he stumbled upon dubstep in late 2008, and became highly immersed in the genre. He has been focusing on dubstep/drum n bass production and has also been touring USA. His latest productions have gotten attention from the likes of Diesel, Mister Six, Banana Bomber, and Depone. His track Mech Suit Joyride was recently listed among beatport’s “10 must-hear dubstep tracks” for the week of April 6th, 2011, and he was featured in Knowledge Magazine (UK) as one of the “10 drumstep artists to watch in 2011”. He has also informed me that he wil be playing an ALL ORIGINAL SET!!!!!. Prepare yourselves, because D-Queue is gonna BLOW APART THE BASS BINS at this one!!!!!

Lady Bandit (Cincinatii, OH) Sexy Breaks/House
Break On Thru Productions/Next Era Entertainment/Give Us A Break! Records

Taking turntables as a debt in 2002, Lady Bandit fell upon this opportunity to dj, so she took it! Beth said the only way she’d ever stop djing would be if she stopped having fun or stopped progressing. Now, 9 years later she’s still bangin out dancefloors throughout the midwest and beyond. Known as the “Midwest Breakbeat Queen” originally out of Dayton, Ohio. Bandit always bringing back her original influences of DJ Fixx, Icey, Infiniti, Sharaz and nameless others in the “Funky Florida Breaks” movement with a touch of that “Nu Skool Funk” that the UK delivers today. This lady never stoppin those nasty basslines & Sexy Breaks with a side of that dirty Electro House.
Sharing the stage with such amazing artist as Icey, Fixx, Dirty Vegas, Paul Oakenfold, Baby Anne, Bad Boy Bill, Craze, Misstress Barbara, Claude Vonstroke, Wolfgang Gartner, Dieselboy, Frankie Bones and the list goes on. Be sure to look out for one of her events in Spring and Summer of 2011 & her new production label “Break On Thru Productions” based out of Cincinnati! Make sure to catch Lady Bandit in a city near you!

Donald Whan (Detroit, MI) UK Hardcore/Freeform/BBHC
Hardcore 313 / Hitman Productions
Donald Whan is one of the Midwest top hardcore heavy hitters. His quick mixing, scratching, high energy track selection and wild stage presents will have you bouncing threw his whole set! Mr. Whan has been ripping up the hardcore scene since 2005. Since then has played alongside some of the biggest names in the business and at some of Detroit’s largest events. Within the past 3 years he has headlined acts in Indiana, Chicago, Ohio, Maryland, Texas and even Salt lake city. Donny also has future bookings in California and in multiple places in Canada.
On another not you may recognize some of his tracks such as the hardcore remix of fireflies him and Cat like thief did or his more recent “The sound of dreams” along with many others.
One way or another Donald Whan will be locked and loaded and ready to blow your minds…

Psynapse (Indianapolis, IN)
G-9 Collective / Indymojo / Juxtapoze / Perpetual Entertainmen

Nicknamed “Dubstep Jesus”, this messiah is arguably the most prolific Dubstep DJ in Indianapolis. A Juxtapoze regular, Psynapse likes to lead his congregation through a web of dirty bass-lines and womp wobbles that can convert even the casual listener into a fan. Through natural humility and notable talent, Psynapse has certainly made a name for himself this year playing at Underground Sound, headlining festival stages at Mojostock and Oranje, not to mention the many one-offs, after parties, and monthly/weekly residencies with Indymojo/G-9 Collective, Juxtapoze (Indy), and Perpetual Entertainment (Fort Wayne). He’s not one to be taken lightly.

DJ Steady B (Indianapolis, IN) Bassheavy/Booty/Juke / INHouseDJs
Starting out as a Hip/Hop and R&B DJ, Steady B has grown into a multi-genre DJ/Producer/Promoter. For over 14years, DJ Steady B has shared his music, energy and style to music lovers all over the world, including Amsterdam, Toronto, Detroit, Orlando, but most importantly home in the Midwest, USA. DJ Steady B’s talent is music. His passion is sharing it with others in any way he can. Be it filling the dance floor mixing tracks, using his own productions or bringing other performers together to put on an amazing event, he never disappoints. His unique and dirty style of music mixed with his eye popping stage performance has made him a favorite for years. His experience and drive will keep him around for many more.

DJ MD (Detroit, MI) Bassline/Speed Garage
THCSyndicate, Spoololife
The Majickly Delicious MD is a guy who’s gone from spinning house music @ local house parties and throwing small after-hours parties in Indianapolis in 1999, to a producer and DJ known throughout the states and abroad!! Since the year 2000 when MD became the first to drop U.K. garage music in Bloomington and Indianapolis, He has become a familiar face throughout the entire midsection of the country. MD has played several parties and festivals from Baton Rouge to Fayetteville, Detroit, Indy, Louisville, Sarasota, Cincinatti, Lexington, Columbia, St. Louis and more.
MD has become known for his 4-turntable Speed Garage / Bassline sets with Jack Herrer, his superb track selection, and being Indianapolis’ only consistent source of garage bangers from all of its derivative forms and sub-genres (excluding dubstep). MD has thrown down at various clubs including: Eska in Sarasota Florida, Club Da Rage in Rotterdam Holland, Axis nightclub in Bloomington, Eden, Fusion/Therapy, and the Melody Inn in Indianapolis, and the Verve and Spin Cycle in Terre Haute. MD also operated 2 weekly radio mix-shows on 90.7 F.M. (WMHD, Terre Haute) from 2003-2005: speed garage, 2-step, and U.K. garage radio show on Wednesday Night, and an underground hip-hop show on Sunday nights. Now having relocated to Detroit, he is dropping that UK Funky flavour and some of the hardest bassline and fidget tracks you’ve ever heard!!!!

SoundVictim (Indianapolis, IN) Tech House / Turntablism
PhD Pro / Just 3 White Guys
Djing since 1998 and throwing down everything from drum n bass , tech house , breaks and turntablism he has always raised the bar. Opening for headliners such as Dj Dara, Dj Rap and Dj Funk and playing on the same bill as Christopher Lawrence, Dj Q Bert and D Styles, Ak 1200, Soul-Slinger and many more he has always held his own with style, tricks and great mixing. Currently part of the” Just Three White Guys” that also have gained respect throwing down at all events for the past 8 years.Playing his music from the age of four from piano to drums, sax and guitar he moved on to turntables and production. Don’t forget to catch him on the dance floor because his dancing is second only to his musical ability.

Enjoi – (Detroit Mi) Electro/Breaks/Dub
Kyle Davis aka enjoi, has had a long love affair with music. It all started with listening to mo-town classics and oldies as child with his father, and evolved into playing various musical instruments throughout his school years. Kyle’s experiences as a bassist for several punk/hardcore bands with his friends gave him a desire for high energy music while his time as a Jazz bassist in school helped develop his love for soulful music. When Kyle was introduced to the electronic music scene in Detroit he knew that DJ’ing was the next step in his musical career. With his exposure to different genres of electronic music he realized he had a true passion for house music. When you see Kyle you can expect all sorts of different house genres ranging from jackin/soulful to electro/fidget house. Kyle has spun along side such great Detroit DJ’s as Terrence Parker, DJ Jacq, Minx, T.Linder, and DJ Seoul. Aside from being a member of the Detroit House Collective, Kyle also helps manage SuckerPunch! Productions with his partner in crime EKEM. As an up and coming dj in the Detroit electronic scene enjoi is certainly someone to keep your eyes and ears on. No matter what genre of house he decides to spin you are guaranteed a high energy set that will make you dance the night away

Hollowpoint (Indianapolis, IN) Drum and Bass Collective & Introspective Productions

Hollow Point is making moves and rising through the ranks of Indianapolis’s elite bass-heavy DJs. His style makes sure to keep the audience moving with thick basslines and he always has something for everyone. Now teamed up with Indymojo/G-9, the sky’s the limit for this dancefloor-friendly DJ. Catch him every week on his online radio show, Wednesday nights at 9pm ET hosted by

SIN (CrackCity, OH) – Electro/dub,/Electro house
An Ohio native that has been on the scene since the age of 16. sin A.K.A (Derek Giovanni) moved to Detroit and got busy as a residential dj for hardcore 313. has since moved back to Ohio and is killing sets with an amazing track selection and smooth transitions get ready to move your ass as he lets the bass cannons kick in a relentless display of audio debauchery!!! P.L.U.R.

Danny_K – (Detroit, MI) Electro
Home bred in the city of Detroit, MI got his first taste of the electronic dance world in 1999 at the young age of 11 and has been hooked ever since. He moved to Chicago and began mixing records and has been behind the decks ever since.
His high intensity performances with deep thick bass lines and gritty and grimy styles always pull a massive crowd, that stay jumping all night long. With a good blend of different styles and near flawless mixing of some of his favorite artist and original tracks make a perfect balance of sound, entertainment, and energy that keeps that party going all night long

3ggh3ad (Dayton, OH) Hardstyle/Jumpstyle
Hardcore 313 / Teardrop Productions
3ggH3ad has been a Hardstyle/Jumpstyle DJ in the scene for many years. He has DJed with such names as DJ Venom and Tom Sawyer to name a couple. He has a great love for the scene and it’s following. He started spinning acid tech and DnB at age 20.
Now at the age of 25 he soon realized his love for Hardstyle/Jumpstyle shortly after he heard Blutonium Boy & DJ Pavo’s Flor Killa record.
He now has an enormous love for Hardstyle/Jumpstyle which is one of the main reasons he chooses to spin it. His style is very European influenced and original. Some of his main influences have been Headhunterz, Pinky, Blutonium Records, Stay Up Forever Collective, Dave the Drummer, and of course life and everyday mystery’s. Through these influences he has discovered a style spinning of his own unlike anyone else. At the moment he continues to spin Hardstyle/Jumpstyle but has also picked up a side project working on producing his own tracks.

Nathan Stylez (CrackCity, OH) Dubstep
Peak Hour Productions

This Dub CruShInG producer/DJ hits the decks and sparks fly. Known for combining his Gritty remixes and unique producing style to create what fans refer to as (IAOE) ” intense audible orgazime of the ears”. Co-Owner of Peak Hour Prod. this guy and his team of misfits are sure to attract a crowd. With FIVE brand new tracks being released June 10 at the PlAYGrOuND and his new LP ” FullProof ” releasing this November, it’s pretty safe to say that this is just the beginning of a new era for dubstep.

Vixen Swift (Bloomington, IN) Booty House / Ghetto Tech
Spoololife, THCSyndicate

DJ MYK VIRUZ (CrackCity,OH) – electro house/ techno
Vibez Tribe,EnvirulZoundZ

Pseudocyde (Dayton, Oh) – DnB

Snoopert (Dayton, OH) – Jungle

Envy GoGo Girls (Louisville, KY)


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