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Promoting electronic dance music featuring legends such as Heather Hart, DJ Shortee, Scott Hardkiss, DJ Funk, Caffeine, Paul Anthony, Xavier, DJ Venom, Wilhelm K., UFO, Titonton Duvanté, Miss Nine, Infected Mushroom, Skylab 2000, Hive, and many more, Spoololife is recognized as a dedicated champion of United States raves since before the turn of the millennium.  

Raver Invaders N3D 2002.04.27

Spoololife and Pajama Music invite you to Raver Invaders from Outer Space N3D. https://www.instagram.com/p/BZ-N1IDA1dR/?taken-by=spoololife   Scott Hardkiss - NYC (AM Only, God Within / Hardkiss) DJ Nitro St. Louis (DJ Nitro.com) Jimmi Journey & Mystik ( Spoololife.com / Kaotic & Mass Productions (KMP)) DJ Hypo Rick...

The Nature of Hypnosis 2000.6.9

Spoololife--in Bogtrott formation--has secured an ultrasafe venue to house 2000 hypnotic partygoers to demonstrate the NATURE of HYPNOSIS featuring: https://www.instagram.com/p/BZ-O1FvAxuP/?taken-by=spoololife   Spindle Double E. Recordings, Trance, San Francisco, CA Cyber Myk Cybersound Productions, Trance, Indianapolis Alias Release Management, Drum and Bass, North Carolina   DJ Prism House / Funk, Seattle, WA DJ Eric House, Indianapolis DJ Lyrik House, Chicago,...

UNITY Wednesday 2006.6.28 & 7.26

An intense and growing desire for Electronic Dance Music in Indianapolis has inspired the creation of “UNITYwednesday”, an underground EDM double-up summer on the last Wednesday of June and July. UNITYwednesday features a variety of the regions most sought after DJs droppin wax on the...

The Price is Right 2005.02.12

Lady Foursquare Acid House/ Electro/ House/ Italo Disco/ Tech House / Hushabye House/ Racecar Productions/ UFO Jeans / 01:30 (90 min.) It can be said that the measure of an artist is their ability to instantaneously identify and differentiate themselves in one note, one brushstroke or...

Secret Screams 2003.10.07

The Halloween SCREEEEEAM of the rave scene, Spoololife and Kaotic and Mass Productions invite you to Secret Screams featuring: The Detroit Grand Pubas Techno / Chicago ( Intuit-Solar, Jive Electro ) Once they got settled, they combined their earnings, invested in some equipment, and became the under-city...

Hot Wheeled 2004.09.10

featuring Phantom 45 // Jungle Pixie // Jungle AC Select // House TFA // House Jimmi Journey // House Sean Mason // DnB LMNTS // NRG

Underground Sound 2 – Back 2 the Freak! 2006.6.30 – 7.2

Catalytic Souls & Disco Productions, with support from Spoololife, Outlawed Productions, Pan Optic Productions present: Underground Sound 2 - Back 2 the Freak! Throughout the ages, mankind has moved and adapted to the changing world all the while changing the world around them.  Learning how to...

World Drum & Bass Tour 2012.8.19

Dj SS // Formation Records // Drum n Bass/Jungle // UK One of the UK’s finest DJ/Producers and one of the founders of Formation Records, DJ SS aka Leroy Small is an original breakbeat pioneer who has made an immense contribution to today’s drum & bass...

Posh Halloween 2007.10.31

Rees Urban   HOUSE // 5 Magazine, Bunchlox // Chicago Urban moved to Chicago at an early age and soon took a liking to the various sounds of underground music that the city had to offer. After years of buying records and mix tapes, he drew closer...

Nine Sessions with Miss Nine

Enjoy this fresh new show on Spoololife Radio featuring Miss Nine! Stay tuned for schedule. Miss Nine performs all around the world, spinning at clubs such as Pacha and Privilege in Ibiza, Avalon in Los Angeles, Warung in Brazil and the Ministry of Sound in...

PNI λ 2008.11.22

Experience the magic that has made pni a fixture in the Central USA Electronic Dance Music scene since 2004! Live in “Real Time”, stay tuned for breaking event news and updates. Presales now available! Surfing a rift in time, beyond a vector sunrise, a small...

PNI3 2006.10.06-08

Following 2 breathtaking installments of PNI, Indiana launches a fresh and clean PnI3 for 2006, a Midwest Electronic Dance Music Festival. Produced and Promoted by many of the regions dedicated DJs, Promoters, and Peeps we invite you to a Bread Breaking Celebration of Life...

Electronic Playground 2011.06.10

The world is our playground, and EDM is the common bond of enjoyment we all share! Join us as we Unite in celebration of life through music; the sounds that continue to save lives on and off the dancefloor. SLIDE & SWING TO THE...

Confirmed 2009.06.13

A night to remember in Indianapolis Indiana @ Therapy Nightclub & Lounge, 11 of the craft’s notorious electronic dance music DJs UNITE to move your body. Evening features sessions by DJ SHORTEE, Wilhelm K., DJ Shiva and MORE! www.spoololife.info for more 411! ARENA Lights, Camera, BASS!...

They Don’t Hear Us 2002.4.6

The Reducing America's Vulnerability to Ecstasy (RAVE) Act is being drafted for introduction later this year, and seeks to attack the underground rave community by targeting potential venues in effort to encourage discrimination against music promotion groups on the basis of music culture. This wanton...

PNI 2004.11.27

SATURDAY 11/27 @ FUSION IN THE LOVELY CITY OF INDIANAPOLIS….. A dedicated assembly of MIDWEST Artists and Promoters invite you to an EDM Thanksgiving Extravaganza! A concept of UNITY, we will be featuring special Tagteam / MC sets from all over the region! So round...
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Jimmi Journey

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Tom Foolery


Bucky Alan


Sly Chile

Blake Walker

Raphael Kroshay

Wilhelm K.


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